Innovation and Development

Innovation and Development for a sustainable future. 


Albany Community Hospice is always working towards development and innovation of new service delivery options that will add value to it’s current operations.  The Business Development Committee comprised of members of the community and Management Team meet frequently to explore opportunities for organisational advancement and sustainability.


ACH coordinates clinical research in partnership the Rural Clinical School of WA with the objective of monitoring and improving palliative care practice in the Great Southern and surrounding regions.

Current Projects

Voluntary assisted dying – what do the new laws mean for the Albany Community Hospice

The Rural Clinical School of Western Australia in collaboration with the Albany Community Hospice are undertaking a research study to explore a range of ways that Hospice could respond to the enactment of the Voluntary Assisted Dying legislation. The study will explore the views of Hospice staff, volunteers and supporters as to possible directions that the Hospice may take in response to community needs and expectations when developing the policies required by this new law.


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