Compassionate Communities

Compassionate Communities began in Australia and is now a global movement that encourages our whole community to be involved in supporting people, their families and carers at the end of life.  

I belong to a community where everyone recognises we all have a part to play in supporting each other during life’s toughest experiences, especially during times of hardship, illness, loneliness, death and grief.

We are all touched by these challenges at some point in our lives.  

Let’s have a conversation about living well and dying well and supporting each other emotionally and practically along the way.

The City of Albany and WA Primary Health Alliance with the Albany community have developed a Compassionate Albany Charter to encourage each of us to embrace the values of compassion in our everyday lives.

Shared Humanity

Compassion comes from the heart and starts with me.

Community Mindedness

Let’s ask what can I do for my community?

Compassionate Organisations

Let’s grow, recognise and reward compassion in our businesses, schools, workplaces, clubs, community groups and institutions.

Leadership and Advocacy

Let’s lead by sharing what we’ve learnt and listening with our hearts.

Communication and Information Sharing

Let’s listen, let’s ask, let’s talk, let’s share.

Compassionate Places and Spaces

Let’s create a sense of belonging in all places we meet, work and play.

Heather and Tony’s Story –
A Case Study in Community Kindness

Heather and Tony’s Story – End of Life at Home is an inspiring 12-minute film about a local couple, Tony Speechley and his wife Heather Sanderson and the people who supported them through the final months of Tony’s terminal illness.

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From our Experts

What we rejoice in is the circumstances of someone who is loved in their community, whose community feels that they have the capacity to step forward and that person and their family are able to accept that love and care and then things [caring for someone] actually work beautifully. 

Associate Professor Dr Kirsten Auret

Palliative Care Specialist