What we do

Hospice Care

Hospice is more than just a building; it is a philosophy of care.

Albany Community Hospice is an 8 bed specialist palliative care facility where patients can receive support and symptom management in a home-like environment.

All patients of the Hospice receive a private room with en suite and access to the hospice gardens.  Rooms are equipped with seating for loved-ones and friends and there is a full array of amenities available within the facility for carers and friends to ensure their time here is extra-special.

About Palliative Care

Albany Community Hospice provides palliative care, a specialist medical care specifically for people with terminal, incurable illness.  The goal is around providing quality of life, managing pain and symptoms to enable people to live every moment in whatever way is important to them.

In consultation with the person’s GP and Palliative Care team, Albany Community Hospice is able to create a specialised care plan that supports individual needs and desires for their end-of-life journey.

Whilst the Hospice specialises in providing symptom management, there is also a strong emphasis on supporting the psychological, emotional and spiritual needs of each of our guests, their families and carers.

When support is offered

Most often people are referred to hospice when their illness is no longer curable, when their illness has entered a terminal phase.  In some circumstances people may be referred whilst still undergoing treatment – e.g. radiotherapy for symptom management.  It is important to talk to your key health care provider about the options available, including hospice care.

Accessing Our Services

Admission to Hospice is non-discriminatory and open to persons of all ages from newborn to the elderly, providing the Hospice has the resources to care for them. All persons entering Hospice are treated with dignity and respect in accordance with the Patient-Centred Care Policy.

Referrals are risk assessed on a case-by-case basis prior to admission and once admitted, assessed on a daily/as needs basis. Admissions are triaged by the Clinical Hospice Manager or Clinical Nurse according to priority of patient need and the safe capacity to provide care.

Referrals may be declined if the Hospice is unable to provide safe care for the person due to limited resources, infection control issues or current patient needs within the Hospice at the time of referral.

All patients are admitted under the care of a medical practitioner, usually the patient’s GP, who will be responsible for their medical treatment throughout the duration of their stay. The WA Country Health Service (WACHS) Palliative Care team are involved in care for on-going specialist support and liaison following discharge and all patients have access to the input of specialist medical care, as well as allied health services, during their stay if required.

Admission to Hospice is available to those who have private health cover as well as those covered by the public health system.

Care is provided free of charge, there is no cost to be admitted to Hospice however, all patients will be required to cover the cost of their medications used throughout their admission.