Compassionate Communities –
What Can I Do?

The City of Albany and WA Primary Health Alliance with the Albany community have developed a Compassionate Albany Charter to encourage each of us to embrace the values of compassion in our everday lives.

That little bit of help…someone sitting with their loved one while they get their hair done, it’s that sort of thing that doesn’t cost a lot of time but means the world to someone and gives them the opportunity to get out and do something.

Jen Dodson

Carers WA

Shared Humanity

Compassion comes from the heart and starts with me.

  • Share your personal story, it may help others
  • Check in on someone you think may be isolated or struggling
  • Wave or say ‘hello’ to a neighbour you don’t know
  • Be kind to a stranger – you don’t know what they might have going on in their life

Community Mindedness

Let’s ask what can I do for my community?

  • Offer to visit someone who is unwell or dying
  • Volunteer with an organisation that supports people
  • Start up a compassionate network to support someone going through a hard time
  • Ask a member of your club or community group if they need support

Compassionate Organisations

Let’s grow, recognise and reward compassion in our businesses, schools, workplaces, clubs, community groups and institutions.

  • Identify someone in your organisation people can talk to when they are experiencing grief or hardship
  • Develop workplace policy to support people during hardship

Compassionate Spaces and Places

Let’s create a sense of belonging in all places we meet, work and play.

  • Create a ‘happy to chat’ table at your local cafe to encourage strangers to connect
  • Create a memorial space or ritual to remember a loved one who has died

Communication and Information Sharing

Let’s listen, let’s ask, let’s talk, let’s share.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you don’t know how to find information
  • Offer to help someone find information online
  • Make information easy to find and understand
  • Share information you think may help someone


    Leadership and Advocacy

    Let’s lead by sharing what we’ve learnt and listening with our hearts.

    • Talk openly and honestly to your family about your end of life wishes
    • Have open and honest conversations with your children about death and dying
    • Lead by example and show compassion through your actions
    • Give your staff permission to be compassionate with customers and clients


        Read the Compassionate Albany Charter Here