The Palliative Care Benefits of the Sensory Room at Albany Community Hospice

January 4, 2022

Albany Community Hospice offers our guests, their loved ones, as well as volunteers and staff access to The Kwop Wirrin Human Room, a multi-sensory room and a place to reconnect. 

The passive arts space allows visitors some comfort, symptom and fatigue relief, as well as decreasing levels of depression and anxiety. 

The use of multi-sensory rooms as a form of engagement with art in Palliative Care is largely unexplored. Recent research conducted in connection with ACH explores the experiences of hospice-based inpatients receiving end-of-life care and their carers who immersed themselves in a multi-sensory room (Kwop Wirrin Human Room).

Findings of this qualitative study demonstrate that the room provided a safe space for reflection and reconnection that counteracted challenging times during their end of life. It fostered healing and wellbeing by alleviated suffering through respite and sharing of treasured memories with loved ones.

For more information, please read this article, Qualitative insights into the palliative care experience of a hospice-based sensory room by Clare Batchelor, Gabrielle Brand, Efterpi Soropos & Kirsten Auret.

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