Fundraising Wins- A Community Effort

August 17, 2021

Here at Albany Community Hospice, we rely heavily on our local community to provide us with the funds to do what we do- that is, delivering palliative care at no charge to those who need it, and providing a homely atmosphere for our patients and their loved ones.

Each year, we need to raise $250 000 from the community in order to keep going, and we’ve had quite a number of incredibly successful fundraisers so far this year, so we thought we should share this fantastic news with the community that continually supports us!

We were fortunate enough to be recent recipients of Australia Post’s ‘People of Post’ grant, which allowed us to purchase a new cleaner’s trolley and keep our Hospice spick and span!

Our Fundraising Committee have been incredibly busy over the last few months, holding two hugely successful fundraising events- the Persian Dinner and An Evening with Richard Goyder, which raised $8000 and $6500 each, respectively. An amazing effort by our committee, a lot of hard work was put into each of the events, and an amazing time was had by those who attended!
Thank you to our Fundraising Committee, to all of the local businesses who supported the events and thank you to everyone who attended!

At the end of July, there was another fundraiser held for Hospice called Davestock. Organised by Wade Morrison and friends in tribute of Wade’s father, Dave, who was not only a guest of Hospice, but a talented and beloved local drummer. Local bands gathered at Centennial Stadium for a mid-winter night out and paid homage to Dave and raised an incredible $3600 for Hospice!
We would like to thank the Morrison family for their generosity and support, we are honoured to be a part of Dave’s end-of-life journey.

Containers For Change has been hugely successful for Albany Community Hospice these last few months- not only are we raising money, but we’re helping to keep our region beautiful by encouraging this earth-friendly initiative. Since the start of the year, a whopping $7140.30 has been donated to ACH through Containers For Change, which means that we’ve also helped save 71 403 containers from landfill- amazing!
If you would like to assist Albany Community Hospice as well as the environment, please donate your containers at your nearest Containers For Change Depo and use the code C10277257.

Finally, our Chairing is Caring Campaign has been a major success. The electric recliner chairs each of ours guests have in their room were coming to the end of their serviceable lives, as an essential item, we needed to replace these, but at a cost of $2650 each for medical-grade recliners, we turned to our community who dug extremely deep! As well as plenty of generous online donations, we have had South Coast Insurance Brokers donate a whole chair and the amazing crew at Great Southern Bingo donating FOUR CHAIRS! It’s more of a suite, really, but thank you!
On top of this, we have had a large anonymous donation, and have reached our fundraising target of $21 200!

Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed- it is thanks to you that Albany Community Hospice continues to deliver caring, compassionate palliative care to the Great Southern Region, and we are grateful to be able to do so.

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