Local Businesses Supporting Albany Community Hospice

June 10, 2021

Albany Community Hospice has launched its Supporter Program designed for businesses around the Albany, WA area to show their support for the community organisation. We thank our supporters so far, your generosity is very appreciated, and we hope to have more business supporters on board soon!

There are multiple levels of support that businesses can choose from, starting at an annual contribution of $250 per annum. As with contributions from individuals, donations made to Albany Community Hospice are tax deductible.

The four levels are: Bronze, at $250 per year, is great for local businesses who want to show their support for the Albany Community Hospice and as well as your business name appearing on our website, you will also receive a digital Supporter logo that you can use on your emails, website or other digital formats.

Silver, at $500 per year, is great for those a little more established businesses who want to give back to a great cause! In addition to the above benefits, your business will also get a recognition post on our Facebook page as a thank-you for being so community-minded and a sticker to display in-store or on your vehicle.  

Gold, at $1000 per annum, includes the above benefits, as well as a little bit more promotion for your business across our Facebook page and quarterly newsletters.

For the high-rollers in the Great Southern business community, your business could be a Platinum supporter, at $2000 per annum. As well as that amazing feeling you get for supporting a great cause, you will also gain recognition across our social media, our newsletters and our website.

More detailed information about the packages can be found here.

Albany Community Hospice is a community-funded organisation, and with such a helpful business community in the Albany region, we look forward to their continued support.

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