Albany Community Hospice and the new Voluntary Assisted Dying Legislation

June 8, 2021

There is a diversity of opinion within the public and healthcare communities in regards to Voluntary Assisted Dying and its place within end-of-life care. The board acknowledges that there are a range of opinions within the community and has considered them at length for many months.

A full Position Statement is available here should you require further reading as to the Board decision regarding the new Voluntary Assisted Dying legislation that is effective in Western Australia from July 2021.

The newly adopted law for Western Australia has introduced a new mechanism that allows competent terminally ill persons, whose death is approaching and whose suffering is intolerable to them, to be assisted to die if they wish.

The Board has considered the appropriate response to the legislation carefully and respectfully over many months. It has consulted widely within the community and with the doctors, staff and volunteers who work at ACH, as well as considered information about the Victorian experience due to its similar legislation, in order to inform its deliberations.

Having considered the variety of feedback received from community consultations, from staff and volunteers, as well as ACH’s value of compassion and our mission statement;

Albany Community Hospice is to be at all times a leader in the provision of expert palliative care, End of Life Choices, education and support so all members of the community can experience death with grace in a manner and place of their choice.

The specialist palliative care provided by ACH remains our main focus of operations, however the board believes that Voluntary Assisted Dying has a place palliative care as an option for patients who choose it.

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