Changes to Visiting Hours

July 17, 2020

The WA Government has announced the state-wide easing of COVID-19 restrictions moving to Phase 3 commencing Saturday, 6th June. 

In line with these changes, and in order to maintain vigilance for any potential breach of infection prevention and control precautions and transmission of the COVID-19 within the Hospice, we would like to inform you of the following updates to existing guidelines:

  • Visiting Hours will remain the same from 10-1pm and 4-7pm with a rest period for our guests in between. 
  • Temperature Screening and checklist at entry will no longer be required.
  • All visitors to Hospice will be required to sign in and out of a Visitors Register kept at the foyer and provide their contact details in the interests of contact tracing.
  • All visitors to Hospice will be asked/reminded to wash their hands and to observe cough etiquette upon entry to Hospice.
  • Doors will remain locked between visiting hours to minimise traffic into the Hospice, and will be unlocked in visiting hours if there is a team member dedicated to supervising entry, reminding visitors of the requirements of entry as above.
  • As always, Compassionate access with unlimited visiting hours will be granted if a patient is nearing the end of their life.
  • Any patient whose family will be visiting from Interstate will require a COVID-19 Risk Assessment by the Clinical Hospice Manager before being permitted access to Hospice. 
  • All staff involved in patient care are to ensure that families need to be aware of this upon admission to facilitate this process and avoid any delays in their being permitted access.
  • We will continue to keep the rule that only 3 persons are to be a patient’s room at any one time to maintain the 1.5 m physical distancing precaution.
  • The 1.5m physical distancing rule is to be observed in all common areas such as the hallways, Family Room and the Human Room.
  • All staff, volunteers and visitors are to be reminded that if they have any symptoms of a cough, cold, fever or feeling unwell, they are not to enter Hospice and are to get tested to exclude COVID-19 virus and to remain isolated until they receive confirmation of negative test results.
  • Staff are encouraged to download the COVIDSAFE app as a precautionary measure to facilitate contact tracing should this be required.

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